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What is Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Growth

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Our Purpose

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Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual journey is a windy path with many twists and turns and contrary to popular belief isn’t filled with rainbows and unicorns. Of course, the spiritual path can be blindingly brilliant and beautiful, radiant beyond imagining, illuminating, and enlightening. But it is also riddled with pitfalls, wrong turns, temptations, traps, and darkness which while very much part of the journey must be seen through in order for inner realization to fully dawn.

“We are in need of a spiritually informed psychology, or conversely, for a psychologically grounded spirituality.”
~ A.H. Almaas

We cannot separate psychology from spirituality. 90 percent of the spiritual path is initially psychotherapy. Dealing with our biographical psychodynamics is critical for our spiritual growth so that when we encounter mystical states of consciousness. If we fail to process our unresolved personal unconscious aspects we are able to integrate them and they end up becoming a stumbling block on our inner journey.

Mystical or transpersonal experiences can be extremely helpful, they have incredible potential for our healing and they can also be very disturbing and unsettling if we do not have a healthy psychology, to begin with, and if we aren’t able to integrate them into our psyche. Having a support system and a guide to help us interpret and integrate these experiences become crucial in the healthy processing and integration of these altered states of consciousness.

“We could simply say that a spiritual awakening is the beginning of the path of waking up from the dream of illusion to who you really are. It’s the starting point on the road less traveled. The spiritual journey is the path that you will walk once you accept the challenge that you are now faced with.”
~ William Bulter Yeats

Multi-Dimensional Approach.

At integrative coaching, we work on multi-dimensional levels; as much as you are willing to open up and explore. For each person the speed and depth is different and we have to respect your unconscious so that you begin to unfold the deeper layers of your being and build a stronger relationship with your spirit in a respectful and loving way.

“Materialistic science does not have a place for any form of spirituality and considers it to be essentially incompatible with the scientific worldview. It perceives any form of spirituality as an indication of lack of education, superstition, gullibility, primitive magical thinking, or a serious psychopathological condition. Modern consciousness research shows that spirituality is a natural and legitimate dimension of the human psyche and of the universal order of things. However, it is important to emphasize that this statement refers to DIRECT AUTHENTIC spirituality based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and not to the ideology and dogmas of organized religions.

Consciousness is a Fundamental Primary Attribute of Existence.

New observations show that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of matter – a product of complex neurophysiological processes in the brain – but a FUNDAMENTAL PRIMARY attribute of existence, as it is described in the great spiritual philosophies of the East. As suggested by the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, the psyche is not enclosed in the human skull and brain, but permeates all of existence (as anima mundi). The individual human psyche is an integral part of this cosmic matrix and can under certain circumstances experientially identify with its various aspects.” ~ Stanislav Grof

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Spiritual Growth is what is required for the Truth to emerge within you, to become fully and consciously realized and not just intellectual knowledge. This may sound amazing and wonderful, and it surely can be, but it requires the removing and crumbling away of the illusions that you have been holding onto that have made up your view of the world and yourself as it has been up to now.

Our Purpose On Your Journey

Our mission is to help you embrace the path of your soul support you as you navigate your inner journey. You are on a path that is unfolding before you, as this happens you will be challenged and often feel lost, we are here to help you process, clear be a guiding light as you walk your path.

While we can help you become more conscious of the inner world, it will be up to you to do the work that’s required to become conscious yourself.

Contact me and you can now step onto your spiritual path with guidance that is right for you, learn how to increase your awareness and consciousness of the many dimensions of your being, and learn how you can live a fully grounded spiritual life.

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Follow these steps


Invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself will always have the biggest impact on your life. “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet


Commit to yourself.

Self-Discipline has its origin in becoming a disciple of the Self. Commit to the process of regular coaching and meditation.


Open to change.

Without being open to change you remain stuck and limit your own growth and highest potential.

Most Common Stumbling Blocks To Success

Have you considered the cost of not investing in yourself? Not choosing to invest in yourself, robs you of the precious time you have in this world, and how you are experiencing that time, whether it’s one of suffering or celebrating life. If you’re not living a life filled with love, meaning and purpose, are you not wasting each moment you have here? Why would you choose to waste even one more second, knowing that you can create an infinitely more fulfilling life, by investing and backing yourself.

To be fair, time is the only thing you do have. It’s the most precious thing you have here, and it doesn’t wait for anyone. Your experience of life is intimately connected to how you choose to spend your time. Time is really the only thing you’re spending. What are you investing your time into? If you don’t invest time into yourself, to create the life you want, what are you investing in?

The truth is, the only things that do work are the things that you commit to. To create something of value, requires a complete investment of yourself. So that you become the change that you want to create. Without being open and willing to change, the only thing that will happen is that you will see more of the same.